The evolution of my city

Whilst growing up the kind of activities that happened seem to be the most dull. If you happen to be in the remote North East, consider this issue as thousand folds.

When I was 19, I left my home town in Upper Assam to study in Delhi University. I would go home once a year and couldn’t wait to be back. Eleven years later, I love my state more than I love my country and a little bit more proud about it everyday. Also when I go there, I don’t want to leave. Having said that, there are a lot of factors that make me make this comment. Apart from the familiarity, I happen to know some of these pioneers of what you can call as the ‘alternative’ scene. Now don’t take it as rebellious or underground. They do follow the age old tricks of the business but the essence of their own taste brings in all the effect. The other is the kind of culture that is brewing amongst the crowd.

On my recent visit, most of the people I met were ‘entrepreneurs’ and this new age category take their responsibility very seriously. They all are breaking all kinds of stereotypes,individually and collectively. I remember five years back when a few of them had moved back from Delhi or Bombay or Bangalore, not really identifying  how they will change the way Guwahati is at leisure and they did not lose  their confidence nor did their determination never leave their side. Never ending conversations about ideas so thriving that have become reality now. The quality of the gigs have become more diverse, the response has become more incredible and the location and music is currently the talk of the town.

Their zeal is the music and that is what makes them progressive. They are reinventing their taste and upgrading as they go. Acceptance on varied levels has allowed them to achieve this kind of comfort  and to be able to inspire/get inspired on a daily basis. Well travelled and well read now, they might not have been the brightest per se but they definitely stood out in one way or other.

Terra Mayya vibes
music connects all
Making parties an experience


Going back to Guwahati wells me up. I feel exuberated to the kind of synchronisation they have in their lifestyle. Of course they are always complaining that they party too much but deep down this is what they wanted and modest as modest can be, they are rockstars in their own way.

Responsible causes are taken into consideration and solutions are created. Everyone is solving a problem or like my friend says, “Saving the World”.

Here is a list of initiatives that are owned and managed by individuals who have the zest of life and know how to utilize an opportunity to its optimum. There is a lesson here for the ones who have difficulty accepting change. Evolution is real time !

1. Alchemy – Bringing music into your life.

2. Sollfege – Because quality of sound is a fundamental need.

3.  The Riki Boi Clothing Company – Never-ending supply of fashion statements.

4. Genesis Tea- It’s about time we branded “Assam Tea”

5. Organic Love- Keeping it Real

6. Area27- Securing all that you hold dear.

7. Terra Mayya- #supportlocalindiescene

8. Rain in Sahara- Composing for a change

9.City Ora- Most needed home delivery

10. Chalo Hoppo- Taking you to spots that speak your tongue.


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