Christmas Traditions Around the World

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Christmas is a family affair even in these parts of the world. 

Most of the Catholic population live in the coastal areas and food is a central part of the celebrations. 

Traditionally, sweets are made in all galore. Kulkuls (sweet dough dipped in semolina and deep fried), neurios (coconut fillings in a dough wrapped and deep fried), marzipan,  milk cream and milk toffee are the usual. For the Christmas cake, my friends mother who are Goans has soaked fruit peels, raisins,  cherries, candied fruits in rum for seven months now. 

Soaked ingredients for the cake

For main course, pork dominates over everything. The Goan pork sausage is a speciality and pork sorportel, which is cooked with traditional Goan drink, Feni is a personal favourite. It tastes even better the next day. Pork Vindaloo,  Pork chops, pork assado, stuffed chicken or pigling makes the meals an opulent affair. Special home decorations and “Christmas cutlery” is unique to every household. 

Apart from food, the families start traveling weeks before to be with the rest of the family who either live abroad or work at sea. Another friend’s mom and dad host a family dinner leading to the twenty fifth where everyone generously gives time and gifts to each other. 

Christmas without snow, at the sea, on the beach with a King’s beer is a delightful way to celebrate too. 

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