The Good, The Bad and Travel

It is no news that travel is our greatest teacher. The moment you start traveling, you understand the intricacies of life and all the “lectures” your mother has been giving come all true. After all the years of your mother shouting at you, it just took you a trip somewhere to realize the value of money or the value of time or the value of relationships.

Striking conversations with friends, traveling friends or acquaintances, the one common spot where everybody is on the same page is the fact that the majority of the world is good. The fact that humanity still exists is a prize you get when you have travelled, whether further or closer.

Many a times, we see travel being discouraged heavily, especially for women. When a woman decides to travel solo, it is not because she needs to find herself, it is because she values herself and she has the knowledge of how the world is a much better place if you look around. Isn’t it quite ironic how people are making tall claims and giving free advice just by sitting within four walls and pretending to know the world just because they were born earlier?. This does not sit right in any way.

A friend spent 11 months in Africa. While speaking about the country, he mentioned how the entire country was so hospitable and except a few harmless stares and scorns, he was even invited for a meal when he unknowingly walked into a man’s straw hut. A friend from Mexico showed me pictures of a lagoon in her beach town of Playa del Carmen and never did I ever think Mexico had such marvels of nature. If only, we did not believe the media so blindly.

Traveling solo or with a partner is as safe or dangerous. It is how you approach the episode. A bus journey requires you to be alert and careful. A walk in the jungle or the mountains needs to be well researched and well equipped. The cold in the mountains and the breeze on the beach need to be handled in separate ways. One shouldn’t let one’s guard down but that doesn’t mean you should be cynical and skeptical of the entire idea of travelling.

Good exists more on this planet than bad and travel is the only way which will enlighten you more on the advantages of traveling. Travel further to know better.


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