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Travel is definitely the crux of many lives. For some, they get the exposure and opportunity to travel and travel more since a young age and some figure it out through life’s lessons that travel is the answer to many questions.

Kevin Lane was born in 1967  to parents who were a part of the Second World War. The youngest of eight kids, he was the only one to get into university. He got his first bike when he started working at 16 and by 24 years of age, he had his first 650cc Suzuki GS 650 and in no time, the ripped jeans and the personality had become a part of him.

It wasn’t until almost 40 that he got out of Europe. Before that he sold all that he had and in less than three months, he rode to 20 countries in Europe and sooner than he knew, he wanted to see the world. As a first time traveler, he admits to have done a lot of mistakes on the way. For example, the journey became so important for him that he forgot about the destination. Where he could have relaxed a day or two more, he just rushed to finish one country and start another. The next few years he explored Europe in its entirety.

Riding and learning, Kev got back to his hometown of South Yorkshire and heavily bitten by the travel bug, he decided to do something for his big 40th birthday. Hence started his preparation for a trip that would lead me into the jungles and deserts of Africa for the next eleven months.

Starting in Morocco, he visited the entire continent of Africa in a truck of 24 people. The general idea of Africa and its residents was completely changed when he saw it from such a close proximity. Contrary to the general perception, the country was safe and wherever there was some probability of bandits, armed guards followed them to safety.

“The biggest adventure of my life”, as Kev puts it, they were supposed to not just be passengers on the truck but a group of like-minded individuals who contribute to the event in whichever way possible. Camping and cooking was a part and parcel of their everyday life and they were allotted days for cooking. There were times when the journey got heavy and mishaps occurred.

Cooking at the camp. He made stew that day

Kev went back to Spain in the middle of the journey to meet his doctor and rejoined them in Egypt for the journey ahead. He did a 10,000 ft tandem Sky Dive on the Namibian desert along with aggressive Quad Biking and Sun Boarding too.

In the Namibian Desert

He had the tastiest meal made by a Chilean couple in his camp, he did a Canopy Trail in the jungles of Ghana, he was at the Tropic of Capricorn, he saw a Syria that was not war torn, he paraglided over 6000 ft and calls it the ‘scariest ever’.

Post the sky-dive

He dug roads to get ahead and he spent New Year’s eve in No man’s Land between Mali and Mauritania. A cheetah licked him and a voodoo ceremony left him speechless.

Did you know that Africans have pet cheetahs?

Since then, he has travelled to India and other countries in South East Asia and even though everything about traveling and journeys make him jump with joy, he rightly says, “Traveling is a full time job. It is not just something you do once a while. Traveling never leaves your side for a second once you learn the art well.”

At a mosque in Damascus, Syria

Let’s find our way of traveling and never stop!


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