Coorgi Palette

Visiting a new place, eating its local cuisine always gives a better essence. Coorgi cuisine has been raved about by many of my friends and it should definitely be on top of the list when you visit.

Food always gives you pleasure that anything else usually fails to provide. The high of a full stomach is a feeling that foodies thrive on. That feeling of euphoria can only be reached with food and if the cuisine has pork in it, it will hardly take you any time to fall in love with it.

The feast starts early morning here. With generous helpings of poha, idli, vada, sambhar and chatni, it shall make you ready for the day. Being an agricultural area, the majority of the locals are into coffee plantations or rice fields and the like. This makes rice their base for everything and eating everything off the ground is what they have been stapled on.

Breakfast at the estate

The British brought in a little bit of change in their eating habits as they introduced wild boar, which has now become pork and which is a widely relished form of protein here.

The base of every dish is Kachampuli, which is the concentrated juice of the namesake fruit and this is how the famous ‘Pandi Curry’ of  Coorg is made. The carefully marinated and cooked pork has lots of flavours as you bite into it. The coriander leaves are not just garnish but complements perfect in the mixture of the curry and the meat and steamed rice. Gulp a beer down with it if you want, or maybe a peg of rum and cola.

Pandi Curry

Pork in its yummiest form is when it is fried. Marination is a very important part of cooking pork as the spices need to settle inside the meat and flavors burst with every bite.

Pork Chilli Fry

The coffee is without a doubt the freshest one can ever have. The first cup as you wake up is clearly the perfect way to energize yourself for the nature in Coorg.

Coorg’s cuisine will seduce you with its simplicity. The fact that Coorgis make it so effortlessly makes it tastier and the use of fresh locally available ingredients makes it healthier.

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