Home is where the heart is

Hanna Lindberg is from Sweden and speaks English with an Indian accent. Living in the islands of Andamans and Nicobar, she fell in love with the blue water-white sand haven five years ago and the saga continues.

Hanna with her pretty smile

A diver now, she used to be a kindergarten teacher. On her first visit to India, she was in Rajasthan doing a school project in Sikar and then the plan was to go to the untouched islands of India for her first dive. Thus started the episode.

Her diving family

With the dive done, she returned to mainland India after three weeks. Now she had an Open Water Course and Advanced Course in her kitty.


One thing led to another, and her friend who had just become a Dive master convinced her to do the same and she was sold on the idea. That happened over coffee and she had it all figured. Sooner than expected, she had a scuba instructor certification and a job in one of the dive shops. Hence started her intense love affair.

Photo-Kajsa Sundberg

Working with a renowned dive shop, they took care of her working visa and accommodation and in no time she was back in the islands and working as a Dive master and living the life she never thought she would. The good part about it was the endless exploration and the innumerable spots that were left for her to fall in love with on an daily basis.

Chilling in the middle of nowhere

Now she lives in Govinda Nagar, which is a village in Havelock, in a family home. The family of ten takes her as a part of the family and even though she has a separate space for herself, complete with kitchen and everything, the family lives close by with all their relatives and makes her a part of their community. Her fifth season, she says, “People ask me why I keep coming back? I have too many answers but the one I usually give is ,Why not?”

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