Teaching to Learn

Travel does not always have a huge cost added on its tail. Sometimes it takes care of various expenses and it is the easiest way to volunteer while you travel to curb expenses that are indispensable while traveling.

I chose teaching English to boarding school kids in Nepal, as my first.

The opening of the annual ceremony


Malpi International School is atop a hill 35kms from Kathmandu. They have the entire village who they take care of in regards to awareness, education and personal hygiene. It is a part of their community program and we all were a part, some way or the other.

Accommodating Teachers

For the next month, staying and operating from here. The temperature drops to zero degrees at night and the mornings, the blankets refuse to abandon me. With the breakfast waiting and the kids, this place gave me company on cold nights.


The first day, as a twenty-something, I was nervous but the Principal gave an all-access pass and as I introduced myself to the students, it felt like a journey to my school, to the day I started. Volunteering to give back what you received is a satisfied feeling.

The Assembly Hall

The school’s location was perfect giving me spots with the sun perfectly falling and helping the kids bask in some winter sun and soften their hands.

My spot for classes

The second half of the day with the sun shining bright on our heads, it was all fun and games. The school has tennis courts, a huge field for football that accommodated any kind of sport the kids wanted to indulge in.

A game of Badminton

The evenings are meant for walks and helping in the villages. Buying tuck and socializing with fellow teachers while interacting with locals made every evening very interesting.


The school around serenity


Teaching here for a month gave me an opportunity to understand not only the way a school functions but also because it was a new country, it polished my perspectives.

A game of soccer

The school gave me time to experience a new culture, their mouth watering delicacies and their sweetest people. The monarchy turned democracy still has so much poise that it feels like royalty everywhere.

The school’s clock tower

The school provided accomodation and food and phone facilities in return to the expertise in English I lent them. This allowed me to save a lot which made Pokhara possible and the lake and the town made every minute worthwhile and this came to an end, a volunteering experience that was the start of many more to come.

Pokhara Lake


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