A Heartfelt Effort

Haushala Zimba is called “Godmother” by most kids and some of them call her the “scary woman with hands”. Whatever it is, she has been selflessly helping kids with their dream to study and have a secured future like any one of us.

Godmother Haushala

She was first introduced to 14 kids at an orphanage. She was part of a social group and they were helping them with blankets, shoes and food. Interacting with many of them, she discovered that these kids were not being taken care of and were neglected in all spheres. Nobody took care of their meals or their attendance or hygiene. In the ‘Spur-of-the-moment” she, her now husband and best friend took matters in their own hands and thought of rescuing the kids. With the help of some locals they faced the people who ran the orphanage and sheltered the kids at a flat for a week. Post that as the severity of the matter presented itself, her now mom-in-law suggested that their boarding school could be used to keep the children while they looked for an alternative. No boarding school wanted to admit them because there was no documentation and nobody wanted to take a risk. This was in December 2008. Children and Youth First (CYF) was registered in June 2009 and now she has 55 kids and is soaring high with their achievements.

Haushala opened the doors for kids with vulnerable environment to help get a safe and secured future in terms of education, environment and health. Giving underprivileged children an opportunity to embrace a safe childhood and have a normal life that everyone deserves. One of her kids passed his class 10 boards with distinction and she considers that to be her greatest achievement. They are also building a bigger home that can accommodate upto 200 kids and is her next big step soon.

A new life today

She then started Haushala Creatives which is a co-working space for women entrepreneurs and the revenue generated for that directly goes in the upkeep of CYF. They also organize markets and charity events to generate noise and revenue and she sees herself giving homes to 5000 kids in the next five years

She believes in people’s “art of giving” and propagates that so much that we have taken from society needs to be given at some point. The time is now and the time is right.


During the unfortunate event of earthquake in Nepal, she and her kids were helped by many volunteers and good Samaritans in terms of shelter, food, water and helping them build homes and getting clean water for consumption.

Water Purification

In 2011, she registered CYF in USA with help from friends who have volunteered with her and she travelled to propagate her vision and her ideas. Another volunteer was motivated to even branch out to CYF Austria. She disagrees to give in to society’s wrong doings. Being a youth, she sees it as a responsibility to do our part and follow our instincts as to what is right. “The benefit of education is what the world needs for a better future”, she says with a big smile.


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