A Kolkata I know

A suitcase carries all your luggage. What’s in yours?

In Kolkata for the Assamese New Year, it was a family reunion and it brought in varied emotions because family stirs you and specially so during festivals. Because India!

Look into your eyes

The reflections and the repercussions of your actions fall directly on your parents’ health. Not their image. Don’t let society take control of their lives. Talking to them is always a good idea and knowing you are happy makes them happier.

Macro Pretty

This trip was all about photos. The camera never left my side because I set my heart to see Kolkata in a different light. The “City of Joy” has always been “City of Chaos” for me and here I was, with a childhood friend exploring this city as minutely as possible, to find a better story this time.

The pungency of small bottles of ittar

The beauty of Kolkata lies in the small lanes and curves. The fervor of its streets light up with its smell of poori bhaji or singora or maybe the roshogullas. This tiny shop caught my attention because it was on a cycle and inside a box and he literally had all the fragrances of Ittar.

Kolhapuris in Kolkata

Walking in a city is the best way to explore it. That sunny day, I preferred to walk around the lanes so that the sun’s ultraviolet rays don’t get to me directly. This shopkeeper was furious that I was clicking photos of his shop and threatened to kill me. That escalated too quickly. I already had my shot.

The yellow colors of comfort

To get a shot of the iconic yellow taxis of Kolkata was obviously on my mind. Even after seeing many many shots of them, I had no idea which vantage point would be best. This picture has the light falling in the right amount making the taxi yellowier and brighter, depicting its importance and comfort. It also blurs the rest of the vehicles perfectly portraying its essence in Kolkata.

The Victorian Inheritance

The architecture in Kolkata always caught my attention. As a kid coming to the city the huge buildings and its loud colors made me wonder its origin. With age came knowledge and it is quite an amazing sight still.

Looking for a frame
The windows of stories
The things that leave an essence

Doing touristy things with a local is the trick to seeing a place better. While you are at it, also take the pleasure of tasting local life. These mud cups serves you tea and even though it looks like a small cup, it is made adequately for the amount of tea that is required at any given point of time. Bengalis are specific like that!

A sunset always takes the cake

Nothing is more dear to me than a sunset. Practically speaking, I cannot see the sunset everyday but there are moments like these when I am sitting in a crowded area and the sun comes to soothe me. Dusk is the best time of the day, I decided.

The sun downers

Kolkata is a city of outgoing people. To give “Adda” is an activity that religiously rises every evening. A lot of space under flyovers are used for games of chess and carrom and people come for the addas and watch games and socialize and has been going on years now.

An intense game of carom
Gariahat Carom Lovers Club
They have a logo too

Kolkata has many reasons to rejoice. The food completely bowls me over but this trip did not speak about the food, it did speak of other things that are far more vital and the next time I am there, I would have already loved Kolkata a bit.

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