Uprise of an Idea

Noemi Litrico is from Turin in Italy. Art has inspired her while traveling and finding art in various ways and forms has always fascinated her, especially when it is trash/garbage to the normal eye.

GUM is Grown-Upcycled-Material and was born in 2006. In Italy, Noe once got access to a large amount of useless tyre tubes mostly bicycles, motor bikes , cars and trucks, and she wanted to create a collection of accessories and one thing led to another and ten years later, Noe has a full fledged brand with products such as bags, wallets, sling bags, pipe covers and they ar+e all made with useless tyres tubes that cannot be burnt or discarded. Once torn, the end result is a durable and sturdy raw material.

A hand made bag made from tyre tubes collected from France

Highly inspired by the underground urban culture, GUM aims at transforming waste in to items of common use which are primarily hand made, sustainable and trendy for all generations. Noe designs every piece keeping in mind functionality and hand makes them with graphic reference and this is what make GUM products unique and eye-catching.

Noemi in her zone


The entire collection is monochrome complete with colorful caucin thread giving it a funky touch perfect for daily use or party nights, because of its practicality. It is eco-trendy and as Noe puts it and it was started for revolutionary ideas: suitable for all.


 You can get in touch with her through her Facebook page,


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