Traveling Starts at Home

Gregory Allya Warjri is a mountain biker and the co-founder of NOMADS SHILLONG. He is the boy from Meghalaya who is exploring his state in all its entirety. What started as a biking trip to Lum Sophet Bneng, a mountain in Northern Shillong known for its tricky curves has ended up into an unending love affair. A group of 5 friends who apart from being adventure enthusiast as Greg are also videographers and photographers and they are hard to keep track of. They aim to showcase Meghalaya in a perspective yet unexplored. They want to show Meghalaya from all vantage points and offer Tourism in parts that are unheard of. Their documentaries and photographs not only reveal their passion but also the vibrancy of Meghalaya and the fact that they do go to the highest spots for a better view or through a river because why not!


Photo-Banjop Iawphniaw



Born and brought up in Shillong, he had all the access to Mother Nature, he considers Mountain Biking to be his most trusted companion. He acknowledges its presence as one of the main aspects of his life because it helped him to keep at bay, both diseases and bad company.

Greg admits his ‘wild’ ways as a part of his personality and believes it has helped him to be more confident. He says, “Exploring the wild side of Meghalaya has made me understand my state in its nuances and accept that exploring never ceases to exist in your lifetime”.


Gregory doesn’t let any unfortunate injury come between him and his passion to mountain biking in the breathtaking locales of Meghalaya. He rightly says that all the hurdles just makes him a better biker and helps him make his moves very accurately. It also helped him see life in a prettier perspective and overcome the difficulties and hardships that one encounters while in the wild.

He rides 4500 D and the frame is 15 inch and fits perfect with his size allowing him to fly on his bike to the picturesque locations that he has filled his social media profiles with. Dusk is his preferred time to bike and catch the pretty sunset just 5kms away.




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