Discard This!

The world is a breathtakingly beautiful place and you see it more and more as you travel. The prettiest trees, the nicest highways, the blindest curves, the infinite horizon, you see it all. The best of it all is the settlements that lie on the highways and observing their life by the road could give you many things to ponder upon. The most scenic routes take you to the entire world of some people and back into reality in a fraction of a second.

As you wander around and hop into the bandwagons of adventure, you become a keen observer of Mother Nature and how its beauty is so exhilarating as opposed to infuriating when you see it dirty and littered. It is painstakingly hurtful to see the national parks and railway stations and bus stops littered with plastic packets of chips or cigarette buds or water bottle or sometime all kinds of disposables like batteries and torn bags and it clearly signifies our burnt souls.

How it slips the mind of a human who is programmed to be the most intelligent of all living being is beyond my understanding. The constant urge of keeping yourself forward and in this process being the worst of its kind. This will be causing harm to us in a big way over the years to come and littering is the brunt of all destruction. Having said that, it is as important to create awareness. I consider communication as the solution to many grave situations. Talking to somebody right there and then might have its own consequences but there is an urgency to this problem and it needs to be dealt immediately and with a lot of vigor. Alternatively, the NGO’s and government bodies are doing a great job cleaning our streets, well almost but without the civic senses of its residents, it is a futile war. The highways, the prettiest trees, the blindest curves and the infinite horizon will not look like Garden of Eden with garbage all around it. There are various ways of discarding your garbage. Firstly, segregating them as dry and wet helps a lot in not making a mess of it. The dry waste will include all the plastics wrappers, the non-biodegradable things that don’t leave until burnt. The wet waste is all the skins of vegetables, the fruit peels and all that could either be fodder for cattle or can be used as manure for your vegetation. It also works as a natural disinfectant for mosquitoes and flies and burning them helps.

It is the easiest to keep your garbage in check. It is easier than that to keep check on your family and ones that you come in contact with on a daily basis, the simplest way of discarding garbage can help in the feeling of serenity and purity coming back in no time. Travel makes you meet a lot of different kinds of people while you take the route via land, rail or air. The affairs in the air remain quite organized and they discard their garbage quite strategically because they need to follow regulations. The matters on land is not organized because the country is too big to keep tab and the masses are high in number. The concept should be engraved into our system while growing up that littering will make your garden messy and identifying the entire world as your garden is the only thing we need the future generations to learn. It is quite a disappointment to see people of age littering and then coming up with a beautiful justification that would just devastate you. “It is offerings to God”, said one. It also decreases the beauty of a country for somebody who is coming from across seven oceans and who meets somebody who is disrespecting this country. Littering to the extent that the plot of land right next to their well planned buildings and drains of their so-called societies. They have no consideration to rectify this grave mistake and it is creating the worst kind of impression as a country and as a group of civilized human beings.


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