Crocheting All the Way

Travel is a teacher. It is a teacher of thoughts to the spectator and the learning never ends. To be able to create an impression isn’t an easy job and to do that as a job because creating awareness is a job as grave as the second most random job you come across. Meet Olek. She travels to create awareness about causes that is a hindrance to the society’s growth and tries and make a change in her own way.


Olek is from Poland and has been crocheting for a cause for almost ten years now. All of 38, she has been living in New York City for the last sixteen years and travels far and wide propagating her art and her cause.

Saving the sharks

This year, on the occasion of International Women’s Day, she took up the cause of Women Empowerment in India and incepted the idea to travel here. She got in touch with Cuture PL a Polish organization who got her in touch with Maitri who works closely with Human Rights in India. They support causes like Identity, Respect and Dignity for women and empowerment is something that India needs urgently. Identifying this, Olek set off to India and chose Delhi as her base and took it upon herself to educate women and empower them in any way possible.


Crochet is her weapon. How thoughtful is that! She uses her skill to crochet and make an impression that might help in creating awareness. After reading about marital rape in India, she knew she had to do her part to create empowerment so cases as these can be handled in the most effective manner and there is nothing more effective as uprooting it from its root.

Enroute New Delhi, Maitri got her in touch with women from varied backgrounds and created awareness amongst them. This exercise is important to gain confidence about themselves and also make them knowledgeable of the possibilities that a woman is endowned with and how she can use it.

She chose 25 women and paid them to learn crotchet and do a blindfold crochet session with her at India Gate to signify the continuous loop of life and how women are capable of doing so many things at once. Then she moved to Central Park in CP and continued with the crocheting with her 25 women and this time with black cloth around their mouths, signifying how we are just expected to keep shut and do as told.The motive of this initiative was to showcase that efforts as small as these can be a ray of hope to somebody who is lost in finding a source of income for a sustainable livelihood.el8a6299-310x207el8a6236-260x390el8a6226-360x540el8a6199-310x465el8a6145-750x500

Cases like these are innumerable in India. Being a patriarchal society, it becomes impossible to voice their thoughts and it is happening even in cities among lower income groups. So Olek took it up in her own style and travelled all the way just to help a bunch of people first which eventually will help in creating a better society.el8a6391-750x500

This is just one of her initiatives. Being an artist, she does a lot of installation as a part of exhibition or while taking a road trip from London to Liverpool. She is imaginative and fearless. An art student, she chanced upon the beauty of crochet while doing a costume design and not having enough threads led to she crocheting the pieces together. That was almost ten years ago and since then many countries, many installations, many initiatives and many miles have been covered to bring her enterprise and intentions to life.

To donate with Maitri and transform somebody’s life, visit

and to get in touch with Olek, visit


to know more about her and this is her India trip

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