Style and Comfort go hand in hand

Dai San is from Japan and has been travelling since 1996. It was then when Dai and his wife Megu were traveling in Africa and a chance evening on the dunes in the Namibian Desert, they decided to name their budding project of clothesline designed by both of them as Dune Wear. Sixteen years later, their brand is well known amongst party goers and travelers and connoisseurs of comfort.

Travel has inspired his style, he says. India has a huge role to play when it comes to my venture and also the way I look at life, he adds. The temples, the culture and traditions, the food and the people he meets, everything inspires him to no end.

At a recent visit to Bangkok, Thailand, I met Dai for his exhibition and discussed his designs. My two Italian friends who were on their first trip to Asia were well amazed as I explained the significance of Goddess Kali or the Dance of Shiva. Dai showed us some of his intricate designs on the hoodies and how it takes almost a day sometimes two to complete just one hoodie. He could make just 25 of them. The clothesline also consisted of female designs which were designed by his wife and the bags and the racer backs and the leggings and the skirts all exuded comfort and style. So chic!

Goddess Kali designs adorn their pieces

The prices are a little on the higher side as they are priced in Dollars but that will not pinch you a bit because the design and the feel of the fabric is top notch and it delivers what it promises. You can order their products online and they will ship it for free and also send you cool stickers along with it.

Shop here :

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