From the Sky to the Sea

He is a pilot. He is a hiker. He is a camper. He is also a doting friend who travels far and wide to make memories with people he connects with. He doesn’t even have any qualms when he discovers a place and the opportunity arises and he has to visit alone. He buys himself a backpack and tent and keeps planning until he gets to use them and how!


This is an account when he chased the sun from 9816ft in Mt.Pulag to 7ft in Lingayen in the Pangasinan region of Philippines. It started with the desire to conquer the highest spot in Northern Luzon, Mount Pulag. He has a very interesting way of scouting places. He uses GPS to detect places on his Ipad during his flights. He further does his extensive research and one day just sets off. He usually meets somebody during this research who readily accompanies him because he is a quirky traveler and these are the kinds we need more. His company is sheer joy. The beauty of every trip he takes is the uniqueness of its itinerary.

The journey started at 4:30 am. A shared van to Baguio and he met Matateng, the guide who took him to Abangeng who then took him on a bike for fifteen minutes for 250pesos in first gear because it was so steep. Reaching the starting point at Ranger hill, he met a female guide who took him to Saddle Camp. After seven hours of trekking and seeing three different kinds of vegetation, he finally reached Mount Pulag.

Camping at 0.3 degree Celsius, he ate Maggi which he brought from the Indian store in Manila and he chit chatted his night away and went to sleep to wake up to a sunrise.

The sunrise was worth all the cold and the rain he encountered.

Getting back the same way he reached the peak, he went for his flight to see the same sun during the day and as he finished flying he took his bike to the banks of river Bugallon and see the same sun set over the river on the Zambales mountain.

An itinerary so quirky, it brings in storm to your calm in the humdrum.

Pulag Sunrise
The river Bugallon from his flight during the day
Sunset overlooking the Zambales mountain ranges

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