Be a conscious traveler

The sense of home away from home is a feeling only coherent to travelers. They find solace and peace at places that might sound strange to a layman. When I say layman, I mean tourists. These tourists are people who come in groups and hijack both the space and solace. Now, these are the kinds that will generate the most amount of money but are they agreeable to the surroundings? Is their moving in packs creating any discomfort? Are they conscious human beings?

The answer to all of it is No. A big NO! It is a shame to even start relating to them when they are in groups. They are all good human beings I am sure, but their conscious level finishes as soon as they get out of their comfort zone and get into a train or a flight to look for the comforts of another four walls. It should not be a pre requisite as you set out to travel, but for these group of people, come what may, they will sit with their packed-from-home tiffin and create noise and leave the smell of garlic behind.

Now, I am not just pointing fingers at the Indians only. I have encountered a variety of other nationalities who also stay in groups and have an intimidating approach and it just reflects their lack of travel sense and the fact that they need to be a little less dogmatic when they get out of their shell and pretend to be world travelers. It just spoils the peace of somebody who might have planned that trip for half their lives and creating an environment amiable to all is what a conscious human being and in this case, a conscious traveler should do.

On a recent journey, while taking a ferry, I encountered way too many fellowmen and was left overwhelmed because of their nuisance. It cringed me to see the way they were confined amongst themselves and talking at the top of their voices disrupting all the peace and serenity of the Andaman Sea. The uncles and aunties and cousins and friends, the whole battalion were masters at wrecking anyones peace of mind. Even though travel is synonymous to fun, it is the duty of a traveler to know where to draw the line so that your fun doesn’t become someones nightmare.

Over the years traveling has taught me that it is the best accolade when it is conscious. Whilst you travel, issues like poverty, hunger and general conduct are put into check and you automatically make an effort to maintain decorum and in many cases just to fit in. Whatever the reason is, travel will nonchalantly teach you all the values of life that will help you acquire the true taste of and the optimum benefits of traveler. Be a traveler. Open your mind and not just your bank account. Because even if for everything else there is master card, the joy of being bitten by a travel bug can only be felt.


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