Your Search For Authentic But Lesser Known Regional Cuisine Ends With This List Of 9 Restaurants In Delhi/NCR

The foodie culture in Delhi is well known! Everyone here loves to eat–who wouldn’t when there is all that delicious food available in every nook and corner of the city? Apart from the local food, Delhi also provides cuisines from other parts of India. If you want to taste authentic regional cuisine in Delhi/NCR, here is where you should go!

The Categorical Eat Pham – Manipuri Cuisine


The one BHK of founders Ashok Mutum and Porei Yambem  was turned into a cosy ten-eater space for Eat Pham. Eat Pham brings the best cuisine that North East has to offer. The founders are both foodies with experience in the field. Their location of Humayunpur in Safdarjung is apt considering the high population of North Easterners in the area.

Cooking style: Their ingredients arrive from Manipur, keeping the food authentic. Ngari/Fermented fish is their prime ingredient. They make thick gravy using a green peas daal called ooti. They serve River Snails, a Manipuri delicacy, with a spicy sauce mixed with chives and pepper. Their duck meat is cooked over days of marinating and garnished with jack saw coriander and freshly chopped onions, it just melts in your mouth. The fish curry needs a special mention which is refreshing with tomatoes and heavy dosage of garlic and coriander. Singju is their salad and goes perfect with the entire menu.

Our pick– Fish/Chicken/Pork/ Duck thali. It comes with all the crucial dishes that make a Manipuri palette complete. Their Black rice pudding is the perfect end of this scrumptious home cooked meal.

Location: 120 A, Ground Floor, Humayunpur, Safdarjung Enclave

Cost for two: Rs.400

Contact: 0114181 2089

Hornbill – Naga Cuisine



This basement restaurant in the friendly Safdarjung is a venture of the heart. Young foodies Elivis Khevito Lee(32) is the only one from Nagaland , Raj Rai (28) is from Darjeeling , Rakesh Singha (28), Th Amar Singh (28), H Rameshwar Singha (25) are from Assam. They are working towards lessening the dearth of cuisines from the far east in Delhi. Inspite of their varied ethnicity, they serve Naga Cuisine and their perspective of the land of the Nagas and their cuisines is quite an expert take. The use of bamboo in the decor and snippets of Nagaland with warm lights give the space an ambient atmosphere. Hornbill has room for large groups and their proportions are perfect for a hearty meal..


Cooking style: You can smell axone(fermented soya beans) and bamboo shoot when you enter, and that will immediately create your appetite. The bamboo shoot, which is a necessary condiment in Naga Cuisine, is brought freshly from Nagaland. So are almost all its herbs and its chillies like the Raja mircha and also an aromatic spice called michinga. Pork is the crux of this restaurant but their fish curry was exceptional. With generous portions of Rahu, the curry is served with either green chillies or red chillies and boiled to perfection with bamboo shoot and other Naga spices. Elivis Khevito is the chef and Boka Ho and Rocci Patton’s equal expertise on the cuisine helps in the perfect plating of the traditional cuisine they serve in traditional bamboo paraphernalia.

Our pick: Either of the thalis–Smoked Pork, Chicken, Fish; which comes with dal and boiled veggies is a delightful choice. The smoked pork dishes with bamboo shoot, axone, and sesame seeds or yam is also finger-licking good.

Location: 104/A basement backside NCC gate Safdarjung Enclave


Potbelly – Bihari Cuisine


This rooftop restaurant in Shahpurjat serves cuisine from the state of flavourful cooking, Bihar. Founder Puja Sahu (38) was a fashion designer before she turned to her mother’s expertise on this cuisine. She trained Raju and Pappu and they have been serving impeccable food since 2011.  The rooftop location gives an edge for a beautiful view of scenic Shahpurjat. An antique look and bright colours produces an arty atmosphere. The food is served in innovative crockery and it rightly fulfils the requirement of delicacies of Bihar in the capital.


Cooking style: Mustard oil is used to cook everything and the Panchforan (a mixture of five ‘panch’ spices ‘foran’) and khada masala flavours burst in every bite. Aubergine is used to its optimum taste.

Our Pick: Phish Phingers, Litti Mutton, Bihari Burger, Pudina Chicken Pulao, Aam Panna

Location: 116 C, 4th Floor, Shahpur Jat

Cost for two: Rs. 1,000

Mizo Diner-–Mizo Cuisine



Another restaurant from the lanes of Safdarjung. As the name suggests, it serves cuisine from Mizoram. The decor is new age and colourful graffitis adorn the walls as you enter. The service has room for improvement but we guess that is because of staff shortage.


Cooking style: Tauh is their salad for every order. It is made with veggies and topped with ground peanuts for the extra crunch. They serve Sachek which is intestines with authentic seasonings. Its texture is rubbery and leaves a lasting taste. Pork is served in varied styles and can be relished boiled, in soy sauce, well done ribs or curry with bamboo shoot. Saum is traditionally preserved pork fat and prepared with delicacy and expertise.

Our Pick: Pork Ribs, Vawklu Bawl. Thali (Chicken/Buff/Pork)

Location: 85, Chaudhary Hukum Chand Marg, Humayunpur, Safdarjung Enclave

Cost for two: Rs.650

Contact: 09910764644


Yeti Himalayan Kitchen – Tibetan Cuisine

This fine dine restaurant is also a bar and makes for a good spot for a fine night out with drinks and great food. he decor with mandalas and Tibetan masks and warm light, is cosy and a tried and tested restaurant for consistent cooking.

Cooking style: Pork is prepared in varied recipes with herbs and spices from Tibet. Ingredients like Honey are used here with panache.

Our Pick: The Yeti Veg Platter, Bhutun, Kokra Wai Wai Sadeko, Cheley, Gyuma, Tshoem. The Nepalese Thali and Newari Thali come in great proportions and deliver the true taste of Tibet. The Bhuteko Chana was our favourite and Gyuma which is Tibetan Mutton Sausages go perfect with them. They have aloo momos which seems like a unnecessary invention but is quite delicious.

Location: 2nd Floor, 50A,Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi

Cost for two: Rs. 1,100

Contact: 01140678649

Ki Hangla – Bangla and Dhakai Cuisine

Over the years, Gurgaon has been nurturing places that serve great food. Ki Hangla is one of them. It celebrates Bengal and Dhakai cuisine.


Cooking style: Fish is the core ingredient and they use bhapa which is a method that is used delicately for flavors to seep into the fish. Their version of devilled eggs is called Dimer Devil and deep fried eggs with a coating of potatoes were never so delicious. The love for fried food can be well relished in Ki Hangla. The menu has a wide array of Kolkata rolls. The Dhakai Fish Tikka is the bursting of flavours as you bite into it dipped with the Bengali mustard sauce. Try out their Illish Biryani too which will uncover unknown taste buds in your mouth. The dishes with Shorshe means that it has sesame seeds and is made into a curry with curd and other condiments. The use of Methi (Fenugreek), Rangpur Masala, Bolpur spices is what makes the rendition of Dhakai Cusine at Ki Hangla so exact. Of course any meal is not complete in Bengal without its sweets. The Roshogulla, Sondesh, Payesh, Dorbesh are all eclectic in taste and rings the bells of nostalgia of their dear old Bengal.

Our Pick: Dhakai Fish Tikka, Doi Begun, Illish Biryani, Mishti Doi

Location: A 201 & B 101, Supermart 1, DLF Phase 4, Gurgaon

Cost for two: Rs.750

Contact: 099584 83355

R J Kabul–Afghani Cuisine/ Indian Cuisineti_725_2880-4901256341

Opposite the Medanta Hospital in Gurgaon, it is in the basement of R J Hotel and is owned, run and managed by Afghans. In Pathani and Kafiyah, the ambience is what I can imagine what an evening in Kabul will be like. They have low sitting tables fit as many as 15 and one or more groups can share the table. This breaks the ice and makes for a comfortable dining experience.

Cooking style: The succulently cooked meat is effortless to chew and digest. The rice, it is said is taken very seriously by the Afghans and the Chalaw they serve is “fluffy whole rice with each grain separated”. It is traditionally eaten with qormas. Pulao is baked in the oven and garnished with fried carrots and raisins. The Jigar Kabab which is liver is a delicious take on the usual liver dry fry. The palette served suits well with our Indian belly.

Our Pick: Mutton Chalaw, Qabuli Ugbaki, Jigar Kabab

Location: VPO Jharsa, Opposite Medanta Hospital, Gurgaon

Cost for two: Rs.600

Contact:+91 9999881431

Hotel Malabar – Coastal Malabari Cuisine

The small restaurant in Sector 39, Gurgaon is a brilliant example of authentic Malabari gastronomy. Spic and span, it is filled with aromas from the coast. Apart from the usual dosa, idli, uttapam and vada sambar; the menu also includes the ideal mutton roast, the most light and oil-free Biryani, the effervescent Lassi and impeccable service considering the ever-going rush in this small restaurant.


Cooking style: The Kerala Parotta goes well with everything and the Appam is light and delicately baked. Reasonably priced, it uses home-made spices packed and shipped all the way from the owner’s mother. The curry patta is used efficiently and the portions will satisfy you without a doubt. This is indeed a delicious representation of God’s Own Country.

Our Pick: Mutton Roast, Any Biryani and the Kerala Parotta.

Location: 1305, opposite medanta medcity, sector 39, Gurgaon

Cost for two: Rs.350Contact: +919911678330

Biryani Inc – North Indianti_725_2527-7061256341

This venture is born out of passion. Musha (29) had been an advertising personnel for the last five years and Kunal (29), a software engineer worked with moghuls Adobe before starting to contemplate on the kind of cuisine they wanted to serve. The qorma berry biryani in the menu is Musha’s own creation and its sweet and spicy combination will make you crave for more. Their third partner Himanshu works with OLX is the most balanced out of the three and keeps everything in check. There is a slight opportunity that you might even be invited for one of Kunal’s famous weekend house parties that he holds in rooftops of his apartment(s). Food is the core for these day scenes and the fun is additional. We are so glad that Delhi is making everyone feel at home by creating relationships of the heart through the stomach.

Our Pick: Qorma Berry Biryani is the most unique take on Biryani I have ever tasted. Yakhni Biryani and Butter Chicken is the perfect blend of spices and meat marinated to melt in your mouth.

Location : Upper Ground Floor, Shop 2, 3/31, Shivalik Road, Malviya Nagar

Cost for two: Rs.600

Contact: 01169000110

Which of these places have you eaten at? Tell us in the comments!

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