The idea of traveling sinked into me only in the moment when I left for Delhi from my first trip to Himachal Pradesh. Now this journey was one of a kind. I was new to everything. In that pre monsoon of 2009, I was utterly delighted to actually come in terms with what India has to offer when it comes to tourism. The bus ride to Bhuntar took a staggering fourteen hours and another one and a half hours to reach Kasol. I was exhausted with hardly any sleep on the bus and the cold chills in the morning as the sun rose.
The sun brought with it sights so delightful that made me fresh and active. I couldn’t wait to see what the next month had in store for me. I was positive. The waterfalls that i saw tinkling out of nowhere in the mountains and in the days to come they became my source of personifying mountain beauty.
The big tunnel of Pandoh leaves you spaced out for a good 17-23 minutes and when you see the light, there is another waterfall smiling at you. These waterfalls are in abundance and in all randomness of nature. I have been there umpteen times ever since and the waterfalls take my breath away every time.

There would be a small outlet as you take the roads in the opposite mountain and you follow the upstream and suddenly there is a magnificent sight. Sometimes you have to cross the waterfalls flowing on the route, and cold numbing water capable of touching your skin through the fat boots. The waterfalls are magnifique when you stumble upon one during the walks to villages.

It could be the sound of that waterfall that might lead to the sudden discovery of one or the legends of the village, whatever the source, the view is as satisfying as the last time. Sometimes the icy peaks would form temporary waterfalls and give a chance of vegetation on a slant of the mountain.

I must have graduated since then because the beaches, more mountains, more waterfalls and more journeys followed soon after.

Have trekked from Kasol-Chalal-Kasol-Barshaini-Kalga-Kheerganga-Kalga-Pulga-Barshaini-Malana-Tosh-Barshaini-Kasol-Grahan-Thunja-Kasol. 2009-2013


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